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  • It is important that you package your GHDs securely before posting them to us.  We recommend a sturdy jiffy bag securely taped up, or even better a suitably sized box.  Do not send anything with your GHDs such as bags, original box or accessories.  This may incur additional costs when we return your repaired GHDs.

  • Fake GHDs are surprisingly realistic.  Unfortunately, they can be dangerous, even lethal.  This is a generalised guide to help spot fake GHDs.

    1. Check the cable.  Genuine GHDs have a flat style cable.  Fake GHDs generally have rounded cables.
    2. Check the hinge bolt.  If you remove the cap of each side of the hinge, genuine  GHDs have a cross head screw on both sides.  Fake GHDs usually only have a cross head on one side and a bolt head on the other.
    3. Hologram label.  Genuine GHDs have a hologram label on the arm of cable. Some fake GHDs may have some form of shiny label and in fact, some genuine GHDs may have lost the label so this is not 100% but a good to use as well as other methods.
    4. Internal Electronics.  This is the sure way to check but not for everyone.  Genuine GHDs use very specific components, have PIC controlled PCB and screw mounted cables. Fake GHDs are usually very poor, cables are soldered directly to the board and no PIC controller.

    We can help you identify potential fake GHDs.  Just fill in the booking form and this will generate a job reference number on our system which you can use to communication with us via email.  We can advise via our ticketing system prior to booking to ensure your GHDs can be repaired.

  • Yes, but like anything, it is only easy if you know how.  The main worry with GHDs is that they operate on 240v mains voltage and at over 200 deg C so it is important that you are competent with mains electrics.  Our repair service on approx 95% of repairs is £24.99 and we are highly experienced with board level electronic repairs and mains electric repairs.