Here to help if your hair straighteners have broken

If you’ve just discovered that your beloved GHDs have broken, as hard as it sounds, try not to panic! It’s likely you’ll be pretty upset at the thought of losing your trusty friends but here at WeFixGHDs we are here to help. So, whether you know the problem with your hair straighteners or you’re baffled as to why your GHD’s have packed up without reason, we’ve put together some of the things to consider when it comes to repairing them.

Send your straighteners to a GHD repair shop
The first thing we advise you to do with your straighteners is to check whether they are still under the GHD warranty. You can find out whether or not they are by submitting your holographic code (which you can find on the cord of your device) to the official GHD website. If you are in luck and your GHDs are still under warranty you can send them back to the manufacturer to repair but this is your responsibility to send off and ensure it arrives safely. Instead, why not send them into WeFixGHDs where you’ll get a 6 month warranty and repairs for only £24.99. For convenience, we offer nationwide GHD repairs. Once they’ve been repaired, we’ll return them at no extra cost as return postage is included in our standard repair cost!

Watching your hair straighteners give up the go right before an important date or occasion is annoying – but with WeFixGHDs it’s simple to get them repaired meaning you can enjoy them for longer. Interested? Get in touch on 01695 550066 to find out more and see how we can get your straighteners back up and running like new!

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