What to do with your faulty GHDs hair straighteners

Do you have GHD hair straighteners which don’t work, or you believe are faulty? While there is a few choices on offer, there’s only one which is really safe. Get in touch with We Fix GHDs today and find out more about our GHD repair service. In no time at all, you’ll discover how our GHD repair service will bring your hair straighteners back to life and in full working order! With so many solutions on offer, the only reliable and economical choice to make today is to choose us to fix them for you.

Damaged, dead or faulty GHD hair straighteners can be repaired by our experienced and knowledgeable team here at WeFixGHDs. Our qualified electricians and repair specialists have over eight years of experience in fixing all models of GHDs excluding the latest Eclipse & Platinum models which are unfortunately non-repairable.

To ensure your safety, we strongly advise you against trying to fix your own GHDs. In such instances, do not be tempted to try and source the GHD spare parts yourself and try to repair- this can be potentially very dangerous. Only an experienced person who specialises in GHD repairs should carry out GHD repairs. If you aren’t experienced with extensive GHD repair experience, and do not have the adequate working environment, correct replacement parts and tools, it can be extremely unsafe to attempt repairs yourself.

Here at We Fix GHDs, our team have specialised in repairing GHDs for over eight years. Although we are based in Lancashire, if you are looking for convenient GHD repairs regardless of your postcode, our fantastic repair service covers the whole of the UK. What’s more it only costs £24.99 including return postage! Get in touch today by calling 01695 550066 to find out more about our comprehensive GHD repair service.

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