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Broken GHD booking

We Fix your ghd straighteners

We can repair your faulty ghds, whether it is no power, not heating or flashing. We stock and replace any failed parts, including resistors, heater elements, the thermistor, the PIC processor or capacitors.  We also carry a stock of replacement cables, ceramic plates and plastics  We are experienced with all electronic repairs, not just GHD’s.

No payment required upfront.

Need any help, Call us on 01695 550066
(9am – 5pm Monday to Friday, 9am – 1pm Saturday)


or fill out the form then post to us, that’s it.


Fingers crossed, we may be able to repair your ghds but you will need to proide us with some more details after the booking process. Please wait for a reply before sending your ghd’s to us.
We now offer deep cleaning service with ultrasonic cleaning service where necessary (link opens in new window) service of the GHD plastics to remove any build of hair/hair products that often gunks up or tarnish straighteners. This is an additional £10 to the total repair cost.

This is only for later on in the repair process after your ghd’s have been repaired. You can change this later.

Packing Slip