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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions



How do I send my ghd straighteners to you?

Our advice is that you either use a suitable sized box with some bubble wrap to stop them moving or a well padded jiffy bag.  Always mark the package as fragile and use a trusted signed for carrier such as Royal Mail.  We always return ghd straighteners in a box via Royal Mail.  Do not send us bags or cases etc, we only need the ghd straighteners, otherwise additional costs may be needed to cover the return of additional items.

Can you repair all ghd models?

No. We can repair all types of genuine ghds with the exception of the latest version 6.0 Eclipse models which are, by design, not repairable due to their internal design and parts availability.  

My ghds are fake. Can you still repair them?

Unfortunately, we will not repair fake ghds.  This is because fake ghd straighteners are seriously dangerous.   They use cheap components and do not have any safety features built in.  Se our guide on how to check for fake ghds.

How much will the repair be?

All of our ghd straightener repairs are £29.99.  On a few occasions, the repair cost can be a little higher but we will advise beforehand.  During the ‘booking in’ phase and before a payment is made, we can discuss the fault with you to ascertain likely costs.  The most obvious things include damage the the plastics, damage the the ceramic plates, multiple visible faults etc.

Will you update me on the repair progress?

Yes, absolutely. Our booking system is fully automated. Once you make the initial booking, a ticket is created on our job tracking system.  This system will send emails depending on your preferences.  We will notify you when we receive your ghd straighteners, when the fault is identified, when it is repaired and when it is shipped back including tracking details.   You are able to login to our system and review the chain of events and even add comments directly to our engineers.

I live near Ormskirk, can I drop my ghds in?

Yes, of course, and we can in some cases undertake the repair while you wait.  We have free parking right outside. There are a few good coffee shops nearby and we can text you when they are ready.  You can also drop them in and have them posted back, or you post them in and call in to collect. We are very flexible.

Do you give a warranty on ghd repairs?

Yes, we provide a 6 month warranty on all ghd straightener repairs from the date of repair.  Our warranty covers the parts we fit and does not include accidental damage. We can also extend the warranty for a small additional cost. Further details are available on our terms and conditions.

Return Postage

Return postage is charged at cost price and you can choose the service. 

There is no cost to you if you want us to dispose of counterfeit or faulty ghds unless you want them returned, then postage is as above.  We will, in most cases offer cash for faulty ghds is you decide against a repair.

We do not charge for return postage on warranty repairs, i.e. if a repair we undertook has failed through normal use.  We do reserve the right to charge for return postage on warranty repairs in cases where faults caused by further accidental damage or failed components that we have not previous supplied and installed.  We will in most cases undertake the repair free of charge (even if it is not a warranty repair) but the customer must cover the return postage.

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and ask our customers to understand that we will happily fix most faults within the warranty period for free (even those faults we did not repair) all we ask the customer in these cases is to cover the postage costs.

Our warranty returns are 2nd Class Postage and carry a maximum compensation for loss of £50 

Optional upfront payment

We have listened to some customer feedback suggesting they would have preferred to pay up front to speed up the entire process so we have decided to offer this as an option for which you may opt-in including faster return postage.

Our standard charge for repairs is repair-price £29.99 + return postage and we can send a payment request ahead of the repair if this is your preference.

Why pay upfront?

The benefit of paying upfront is that the repair can, in most cases, be repaired and returned far quicker without any further intervention from you, the customer.

With our standard no upfront payment option, once we diagnose the fault, we send you an email notifying you of the fault and the repair cost.  We then send an invoice for payment.  Only after payment is received do we undertake the repair then ship the ghds back.

Depending on the response time of the customer, this can add unnecessary delays before they are repaired and shipped back so a number of our customer have asked us to consider taking payment upfront.  If you wish to pay upfront, please tick the box on the booking in form or ask us by email after booking.

What if they cannot be repaired?
No problem, we refund your payment immediately.

What if the repair cost is higher than £29.99
Unfortunately, the £29.99 cannot cover every repair cost, it does however from experience cover about 95% of repairs. There are a few parts which are simply not covered in the standard fee which include the main PCB and the plastic casings or some cosmetic repairs.

If your ghds require additional parts, we can simply invoice for the difference. If you decide against the repair due to the higher cost, no problem, we refund the £29.99

Return Postage
When your ghds are repaired, return postage is Special Delivery unless you opt for a lower service. If you opt against a repair, return postage is still required unless you prefer us to dispose of non-repaired ghds of in some cases offer a cash payment for the spare parts.

Upgraded return postage

Our default return is Special deliver which includes £500 postal compensation. If you wish to downgrade, please let us know before payment so we can adjust the invoice as below.

£4,55 for First Class Signed for (£50 compensation)
£4.00 for Second Class Signed for (£50 compensation)
£2.50 for Hermes Courier (£20 compensation)

(all services require a signature)

Downgrade of postage must be requested before payment has been made.  Once payment has been made, the ghd are generally repaired and shipped very quickly so a change after this time cannot be guaranteed.   

We will advise when your ghd straighteners are likely to be posted.   Only ghds repaired and paid for by 4pm will be posted the same day.