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We buy your broken or faulty GHD hair straighteners for cash

We buy and refurbish your broken GHDs. As a National GHD repair service, we need spare parts for our repairs to replace those part that cannot be purchased new so we will purchase you old and broken GHDs for cash.

We try out best to offer you the best amount we can for your broken or faulty GHD’s, we may be able to price match from any other reputable buyer.

Ghd 4.0, 4.1, 4.2 & 4.3 models – £8.00
Ghd 5.0 & MS5.0 models – £14.00
Ghd SS4.0 models (wide plates) – £10.00
Ghd SS5.0 models (wide plates) – £17.00

We do not purchase any of the following;

ghd v3 or 3.1.
Platinum, Eclipse (any ghd that has a press button rather than a slide switch)
Fake ghds 
Ghds that are physically broken as well as electrically broken.

If you are unsure, please always contact us and we will be happy to advise. 

(last updated 9/06/2020)

Follow these simple steps to sell you broken GHDs


Notify us of the GHDs you wish to sell. (click here)

If you have a pair of ghds that are faulty or broken, whatever the condition we will pay cash for them.  Book your ghds into our system and we will reply by email and advise the likely cash payment we will give you for your faulty or broken ghds.  We may request a quick photo.


Check for confirmation email then post them to us

Once booked in, our system will send you a notification by email with an offer or request for further information.  There is no commitment to sell at this stage, this just opens a line of communication directly with our engineers who can advise what we can pay for your ghds .  Once you are satisfied, all you need to do is post your GHD straighteners to us. We provide all the details.


Track your ghds online with live updates

Once we receive your GHDs, we update our system which sends an email to you letting you know your GHDs have arrived.  At this point, our engineers will quickly inspect and send a confirmation of the payment.  If you are happy, we will send it immediately by PayPal or BACS transfer. If you decide against the sale, we can return then to you.


Receive your payment within 24 hours

Once the payment is agreed, we will send it straight away by either PayPal (preferred payment method and fastest) or BACS.